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CounterPoint®, formed in 2001, is an American manufacturer of Point-Of-Purchase counter mats. Our unique manufacturing process utilizes high quality polymers, plastics, and base materials not normally available from local printers and generic POP suppliers.

In addition to 30-plus years of manufacturing experience, our quality and service have been recognized with a variety of industry awards. Take advantage of our experience on your next project and find out why CounterPoint® is America's leading counter mat manufacturer.

New Box Label Feature (March 10th, 2010)

CounterPoint® is pleased to announce a programming change to their box labels. Each box label now includes the Distributor's Name, Company Name, Phone Number, and Email Address as the reorder contact.

There have been some interesting discussions recently on blog sites about the merits of including distributor contact information on shipping boxes. We thought it was a good idea, so we reprogrammed our label printing software to pull the contact data from our order system. By using this contact data, we were able to implement the change quickly; but, it limits the information available for the label to Contact Name, Company Name, Phone number, and Email address. Other information automatically included in the new label format is your PO number, our work order number, job name, product description, box weight, pieces per box, box count, Made in the USA logo, and "Thank you for your order!".

We feel this is a positive step to help distributors capture repeat orders and we will be interested to hear how this impacts business.

Awards & Recognition


PPAI Pyramid Award

  • 2022 Silver - Supplier Decorating for Print On Hard Surfaces
  • 2021 Silver - Supplier Decorating for Print On Hard Surfaces
  • 2021 Silver - Supplier Decorating for Print On Textiles

ASI Counselor Best Places To Work

  • 2012 Award Winner
  • 2011 Award Winner
  • 2010 Award Winner
  • 2008 Award Winner

ASI Spirit Award

  • 2007 Best Online Advertisement Finalist
  • 2005 Top Ten Fastest Growing Suppliers

Corporate Logo Best of Business

  • 2008 Best Customer Service
  • 2007 Best Tradeshow Booth

Identity Marketing Reader's Choice Awards

  • 2008 Ranked #4 in Top Customer Service

PPAI Image Award

  • 2014 Silver Award Winner - Printed Supplier Catalog: 1-25 pages

PPAI Supplier Achievement Award

  • 2015 Silver Award Winner - Sublimation
  • 2014 Silver Award Winner - Sales Volume $15 - $20 million
  • 2012 Gold Award Winner - Sublimation
  • 2011 Silver Award Winner - Special Process Not Categorized
  • 2009 Silver Award Winner - Offset Process on Surfaces other than Paper
  • 2008 Gold Award Winner - Offset Process on Paper
  • 2006 Gold Award Winner - Offset Process on Surfaces other than Paper

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