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Counter Mat Calendar Art

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Includes outlined and editable versions (with fonts) of all calendar layouts and styles in PDF format.

1) Select a Layout

Our standard calendar layouts work best when placed at 100% size in your artwork. Use these files for position only (fpo).

2) Choose Hard Surface or Fabric

Choose Hard Surface or Fabric based on the product you are ordering. Hard Surface versions contain fonts that are too small to print on Fabric Surface counter mats.

Hard Surface


3) Select a Style

Our art department will combine any of the five styles below, with any of the layouts above for your counter mat. Tell us the layout, calendar style, and beginning and ending months – we will create a calendar to use with your art.* Use one of the standard calendar layouts above to position your art.

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3
Style 3

Style 4
Style 4

Style 5
Style 5

*If you want to do this yourself, we have provided individual styles in text & curves (outlines), as well as the font.

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